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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  April 26, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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unfortunately, they can't applaud. >> jim clancy, thank you so much for your always-veteran perspective from this and around the world. thank you so much. that is it for me. i'm brooke bolduan here thea the headquarters in atlanta. now to wolf blitzer. "the situation room" begins right now. >> thanks very much. happening now, troubling more allegations of misconduct by u.s. secret service agents including heavy drinking, a strip club and escorts. we'll get details from the reporter who brought the story. vice president joe biden on the attack and playing the osama bin laden card as the campaigns fight over who has the stronger backbone. and the house speaker john boehner slamming president obama's recent trip. in his words, they're pathetic and republicans are demanding an investigation into what they say are campaign appearances on the taxpayers' dime. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room."
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-- captions by vitac -- the secret service prostitution scandal that exploded in colombia may be just the tip of the iceberg. allegations have now surfaced of similar misconduct involving heavy drinking, a strip club, escorts on a previous presidential trip, this one to el salvador. reporter chris holmsby broke the story and he joins me now. chris, what happened in el salvador just prior to president obama's trip there in march of last year? >> reporter: we just flew to el salvador this last weekend to try to verify some of the information that we actually received some time ago. we talked to a government subcontractor who worked directly with president obama's
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advanced security team within the secret service and with military attaches, experts and k-9, bomb-sniffing snipers and this particular sub-contractor tells us that he went with what they call a van load of secret service agents to a local strip club and there he says he witnessed heavy drinking most of the night. he witnessed some of the secret service agents going into the vip area to get sexual favors for cash, and ultimately he said they were broken really hard to get the strippers back to their hotel rooms and that in at least two circumstances he witnessed that despite him telling them that it was a terrible idea, that that occurred. >> the owner of the club told you it's not the first time that high-ranking american officials
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have visited his club, is that right? >> you know, the owner of this club was a character right out of a movie. long hair, cigar smoking and an american businessman. i won't say i was welcome into the club in the beginning when we went there to talk to his staff, but ultimately i was invited up to his office and though he wouldn't go on camera he talked to me and my staff at length about how he caters to american politicians and government employees. he says, in fact, one of his greatest worries was that our investigative reporting into secret service agents may actually harm his business because he gets so many staff members, employees and visitors from the u.s. embassy. he's actually very proud of that fact that americans could come to his place and feel secure, and feel that they had some kind of privacy. he thought that was his reputation, really, his bread and butter, but now he's concerned that the secret service operation may close that
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all down. >> you also viewed records which seemed to have added some credibility to what the subcontractors' eyewitness testimony suggested, is that right? >> one of the things that we need to do since this subcontractor is not going to allow us to reveal his identity is not only do we back him up with employees, including the owner of the club, his story, but we asked him to share with us some kind of proof that he had access to the secret service and that he worked with them. he has billing records, some receipts and we certainly checked out his credentials enough to know that he was in a position to both see how the secret service operated in san salvador just prior to president obama's visit and he had clearly the opportunity to be with the larger group of secret service agents at this strip club. >> chris holnsbe, thank you very much for that reporting.
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i appreciate it. we will keep in close touch with you. the secret service is responding to chris' report on kiro. a spokesman from edwin donovan says, i'll read it to our viewers. the recent investigation in cartagena has read several news stories by mostly unnamed sources and the information brought to our attention that can be assessed as credible will be followed up, will be followed up in an appropriate manner. that statement from the secret service. >> other news we're following, president obama himself is at the center of another controversy. this one over his travel. republicans are blasting some of his recent trips which they say were more political than official and are demanding a full-scale investigation. our white house correspondent brianna keilar is working the situation, what are you hearing? >> they're calling this a misuse of taxpayer money. they're saying in a letter to the government accountability
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office that they want an investigation. they say president obama has been passing off campaign travel as official events, thereby allowing taxpayers rather than his campaign to pay for his re-election efforts. this week, you'll recall, he went to north carolina, colorado, iowa, all battleground states. he was holding events to pressure congress not to increase student loan interest rates and the events did have all of the appearances of campaign events especially since the target audience here with college students and president obama is trying to shore up the youth vote. the white house says this was an official event and this was the president being a president and not a candidate and he was following campaign rules. >> democrats fully expected this would be taken care of and for the president to make a campaign issue out of this and then to travel to three battleground states and go to three large college campuses on taxpayers'
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money to try to make this a political issue is pathetic. it is also, to me, ironic that the arguments about this come from people who know that we assiduously follow all of the rules in terms of the delineations between campaign travel and official travel just as our predecessor did. >> so to be clear, that was jay carney, white house press secretary's response to these allegations from the republican national committee. they say that the president is acting in his official capacity. we'll deal with the john boehner comments in just a moment, but basically the white house here, wolf, saying that this is exactly what other candidates have done before him and it is true to a certain degree. i'm sure that you have heard eight years ago democrats raising the same concerns about
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president bush because there is this incumbent and this benefit they have from being able to have taxpayer-funded travel from certain events where they're targeting important constituencies. >> like you, i spent seven years covering the bill clinton white house and i hear the allegations all of the time. it comes with incumbency. when you're an uncompany bent you get to travel on air force one whether for official business or campaign purposes and there's a formula that's been in business since the jimmy carter administration and how much taxpayers should be repaid for that. it's been going on for a long time. >> that's right. it used to be that once the campaign officially kicks off, right? and the obama campaign said that will be may 5th and the rules will change in terms of the taxpayers being reimbursed and the changes that you refer to in 2010 will have to do with the fact that there's a little more equality when it comes to what president obama's campaign will be paying compared to mitt
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romney's campaign. before it was that the campaign would have to pay for a first-class ticket or a commercial ticket and it's what a charter aircraft would cost which is much more expensive. >> still a bargain compared to what it costs air force one to fly, but this debate will obviously continue for some time. brianna, thanks for being here in "the situation room." >> good to be here. sdwloo the united nations monitors has not stopped the bloodshed in that country by any means. they report 460 people killed since the united nations mission started last week including almost three dozen children and they say syrian forces are moving in as soon as monitors leave and targeting residents. they've spoken to them. opposition leaders are also calling for an emergency security council meeting on protecting civilians in the wake of this recent attack that triggered the collapse of an entire row of buildings killing more than 70 people. the syrian government says the
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blast was triggered by terrorists building a bomb and it puts the death toll at 16. clearly, that entire united nations mission has so far failed completely in syria. we'll stay on top of this story for our viewers. >> the budget plan by house republicans is under attack. >> the program that cuts programs for the poor, cuts programs for health care, cuts programs that train people so that they can get jobs. this is the kind of thing we're very concerned about. >> now the lawmaker who wrote that budget plan, we're talking about congressman paul ryan. he spoke at georgetown university here today. also, tough talk out there on the campaign trail. vice president joe biden plays the bin laden card for president obama. >> this guy's got a back bull -- i know. for real. for real.
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jack cafferty is here with "the cafferty file." jack? >> nothing changes, they say. nothing new under the sun. all of a sudden the supreme court is looming large in another presidential election. back in the 2000 contest between george w. bush and al gore the high court ruled the recounting of votes in florida, remember those hanging chads? must stop. al gore got more popular votes than bush, but the supreme court gave bush the edge in florida and he went on to win the election. that decision effectively handed the presidency of the united states to george w. bush. flash ahead to 2012, twice within the last four weeks the supreme court has agreed to hear cases, health care and immigration that could have huge implications for the outcome of
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another presidential election. start with obama care. court watchers say the justices seem to be leaning toward rolling back part or maybe all of president obama's hallmarked legislation in his first term. the individual mandate appears to be in serious jeopardy and with it, the whole law could go down. then almost without missing a beat the supreme court decided to hear arguments on arizona's tough new immigration law. it's no secret the federal government under presidents obama, bush can go back as far as you want has made virtually no serious effort to secure our borders, particularly with mexico. arizona took matters into its own hands. interestingly, it looks -- it looks like the supreme court might side with arizona on this and once again, the implications could be huge. both rulings are expected in june just a few months before the next election of our president. republicans will lose any decision against president obama, but if the president loses any of these cases it
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could become a perfect way to energize the democratic base including hispanic voters. here's the question. what role might the supreme court play in the next presidential election? go to and post a comment on my blog or go to our post on "the situation room's" facebook page. >> what you're saying, jack, potentially a loss could be a political win, right? >> uh, yea. that's correct. >> thank you. jack cafferty will be back. a volatile mix of religion and politics at georgetown university in washington where the republican budget chief congressman paul ryan defended his controversial spending plan to fellow catholics who are harsh critics of this proposed cut. kate bolduan is joining us. what kind of backlash is he facing from georgetown university. >> his budget is based on his catholic faith and catholic
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bishops and georgetown university faculty say he's misusing catholic teaching. >> we are here to say paul ryan, you do not speak for us. >> reporter: met by protests both outside and in, house budget chairman paul ryan went to georgetown, the nation's oldest catholic university to respond to critics of his budget proposal. >> of course, there can be differences among faithful catholics on this. the work i do as a catholic-holding office conforms to the social doctrine as best i can make of it. >> reporter: ryan's recent comments that his catholic faith guided him in planning the 2013 republican budget caused an uproar among some catholic groups from the u.s. conference of catholic bishops to about 90 georgetown gop faculty all criticizing the guru for linking catholic teaching to a budget they say goes against it. >> we think a budget document say moral document. it should be motivated by moral
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values. >> reporter: father tom is one of the georgetown faculty members that is speaking out. >> a program that guts programs for the poor, cuts programs for health care and cuts programs that train people so that they can get jobs, this is the kind of thing we're very concerned about. >> reporter: they're condemning central provisions of the ryan plan including dramatically changing medicare to give seniors subsidies to purchase health insurance as well as cuts in food aid and other programs benefiting the poor, while at the same time cutting taxes for wealthier americans, but ryan stands firm. >> we need opportunity and upward mobility by strengthening job-training programs to help those who have fallen on hard times. >> reporter: beyond the catholic controversy, ryan is also defending himself and republican principles in a contentious election year. >> it is a trojan horse disguised as deficit reduction plans and it's really an attempt
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to impose a radical vision on our country. it is thinly veiled social darwinism. >> reporter: ryan dismissed the president's attack. >> regrettably, the president is unwilling to advance credible solutions to the problem. he doesn't seem to understand that he can't promote the common good by setting class against class or group against group. >> reporter: now critics of paul ryan and the budget he has put forth did not seem any more persuaded as they left the speech today, wolf, but during that speech ryan was canned about his vice presidential prospects and he sidestepped that one saying only he wouldn't get into hypotheticals and he has an important job he is content with right now. >> correct word. thanks for that, kate. let's dig deeper with our chief political analyst gloria borger. i think he deserves credit for
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going to this jesuit catholic university, georgetown university, and addressing the issues whether you agree with him or disagree with him. >> it takes on the issue of medicare. wolf, earlier this week a report of the trustees for social security and medicare came out. take a look at this. they said these are when the funds are going to be depleted. medicare, just 12 years from now. social security, 21 years from now and as kay points out, paul ryan's budget in the future for people over 55 turns medicare into kind of a voluntary voucher program. you can stick with medicare as it is if you like or go to this voluntary voucher program. the democrats say that destroys medicare as we know it. they say they've got 400 billion worth of savings on their own budget and there's one thing we know for certain, these programs
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will go broke as the baby boomers live longer and we've got to do something. >> he wants to reform the tax code, and democrat des want to reform the tax code. >> everyone wants to reform the tax code and lower our rates and everybody wants fairness, but what is missing from paul ryan's budget is that he says okay, i want to keep the bush tax cuts for the wealthy which are due to expire in january, but i want to close tax loopholes. what he doesn't say in his budget is what tax loopholes would you close? so there is a certain amount of specificity there that we don't have. president obama, on the other hand, the democrats say okay, let's repeal -- let's let the bush tax cuts for the wealthy expire and that will raise enough money for us to start going after this deficit issue. again, wolf, they're talking right over each other and they're going have to settle it at some point.
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maybe in the lame duck session. >> paul ryan has a major speech on economic issues at georgetown university. marco rubio had a speech at the brookings institute in washington. some are already suggesting they're auditioning for the vice presidential running mate slot. >> i guarantee you one thing. i guarantee you that the romney people up in boston were probably watching both of those speech wes a great deal of interest. both of these men are rising stars in the republican party. paul ryan is not new on the scene. marco rubio is. paul ryan is a seven-term congressman, chairman of the budget committee. i was in janesville, wisconsin, with him last summer and i asked him directly and at that point people were talking about him running for president and i asked him directly whether he wanted to be vice president. take a listen to what he said last summer. >> who knows? i mean, i didn't plan on being a congressman in the first place. i thought i was going work in the field of economics.
1:23 pm
i'm one of those people that just crosses bridges when i get to it. we had an open senate seat and i decided against running for that because i thought i could make a bigger difference running as the chairman of the house budget committee. >> it's something that's out of my control and right now i decide, whether it's senate or president, i think i can make a difference for people of wisconsin and for my kids and fellow countrymen as chairman of the house subcommittee which has a big role in all of this. >> one way or another he was at the center of this campaign, but that wasn't a definite no. >> he's got a huge future ahead of him. marco rubio has a huge future ahead of himself. none have a future for -- >> maybe a little young. >> down the road. >> we'll see. vice president biden went after mitt romney slamming his foreign policy credentials. that's not part of the speech that has some people including
1:24 pm
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>> a new skirmish today in the race for the white house with the romney and obama campaigns battling over backbone and who's stronger while surrogates were leading the fight for mitt
1:28 pm
romney vice president joe biden was leading the charge for democrats and he did not mince any words. jim acosta is joining us now. jim, what did vice president biden say? >> reporter: wolf, vice president biden absolutely unloaded on mitt romney raising the question of whether the presumptive gop nominee would have taken out osama bin laden. then there's the other biden comment that has all of washington talking about the president's big stick. vice president's joe biden brought a speech to new york that could be described as the big stick in the big apple quoting teddy roosevelt. >> speak softly and carry a big stick. i promise you, the president has a big stick. i promise you. >> reporter: and he used that stick to beat up mitt romney with the bumper sticker catch phrase that the obama campaign hopes to drive home all of the way to november. >> osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive.
1:29 pm
>> reporter: biden's speech came days before the one-year anniversary of the president's decision to authorize the killing of osama bin laden. in a razor-sharp attack biden suggested romney might have let bin laden live. >> we can't say for certain what governor romney would have done. >> the vice president referred to a comment romney made in 2007 when he told the associated press it's not worth moving heaven and earth spending billions of dollars trying to catch one person. romney backeda, way from his remarks in a debate. >> we would move everything to get him. >> reporter: his campaign fired back accusing the white house of showing weakness to north korea just before the communist tagz tested a long-range missile. in a column in "foreign policy" magazine romney adviser richard williamson writes, in short, we are approaching a jimmy carter moment, adding this is not what the country needs.
1:30 pm
other romney veadvisers said th president failed to capitalize on syria and iran. >> it is president obama's track record that has sent a message to our friends and allies who are looking to american leadership who are really left exposed and isolated. >> reporter: but in two separate instances other advisers on the call mistakenly made cold war references. >> we're seeing the soviets pushing into the arctic with no response from us. the united states abandoned its missile defense sites in poland and czechoslovakia. >> reporter: that led to biden's not so self-deprecating line referring to russians as soviets. >> everybody sometimes slips. i never, do but everybody sometimes slips. governor romney is in a cold war mindset. >> reporter: the rnc answered the vice president's speech with a web video. biden once said mr. obama was not ready to be president. romney will have a chance to
1:31 pm
respond directly to romney's comments when he gets back in o highway owe. > . joining us, jen socky and cnn republican strategist alex castellanos. the co-author of "purple strategies," a bipartisan communications firm. that new york times poll, vice president obama handling foreign policy, 36% approve, 36% disapprove, 18% unsure. it's less than 50%. that's not a ringing endorsement of the president who wound up managing to kill bin laden. >> well, wolf, when the president came into office we were in two wars. our reputation around the world was suffering. since then we've ended the war in iraq. we've caught bin laden and gadhafi is no longer walking around and oui restored relationships and he's done quite a bit to improve our place
1:32 pm
around the world and that's what people will be looking at, but we're still facing challenges and that's why he needs to remain in office for another four years. >> is this a big issue? assuming there's no war or terrorism crisis, is foreign policy national security between barack obama and mitt romney will be a major issue this time around? >> that's the big assumption isn't is, wolf? that we don't know. the united states is perceived as weak things become unstable around the world and we've seen the world become increasingly unstable during the press dencs of barack obama. this is the president that sat down with medvedev and said here are my cards, and i'm in a very weak situation. take it easy on me and i'll give you what you want after the election. that's terrible poker. no one does that, and you certainly don't do that with a global competitor. >> you have to tell your friends
1:33 pm
in the romney campaign, you worked for them years ago, you're not working for them now, there is no more soviet union and czechoslovakia, and they want to get the language correct if they want to be responsible and authoritative. >> they do need to get the language correct and comedians are relieved and they're relieved that joe biden is back. he can watch his language a little bit, too. >> yes. >> the point about the soviet union is there's a historic russian compulsion to expand and to control those resources and basically to insulate themselves and protect their borders. this is a petrol-fueled state. >> there is no soviet union. >> he got some snickers, we heard earlier in jim acosta's report and when he was at nyu and he this this reference and he similarly caused a bunch of snickering among the students. >> this guy's got a backbone
1:34 pm
like a rod, for real. for real. i promise you the president has a big stick. i promise you. >> these word, they can have double intend res, shall we say. >> wolf, we can rely on the vice president to bring empathy and experience and humor from time to time, and i hope that's what people take it as. i will say that this race is between barack obama and mitt romney. what we've seen from mitt romney's foreign policy approach is he wants to go back and dust off the old go it alone approach and i think that's something that scares people across this country as well. also he was against going into libya and going after gadhafi before he was for it. there's a lot we don't know and i think there will be a conversation about national security in the months ahead. >> i won't comment on biden's
1:35 pm
words because this could be where i get banned from cnn for life. the only person that brags about how tough they are are usually the people who aren't. this was the president who couldn't find his big stick when people were trying to find freedom in syria and in iran in the streets during the revolution there. so this is the president that talks tough and then sits down with medvedev and says -- shows him all his cards. it's not strong leadership. >> look, in fairness -- >> and the stability in the world -- >> you have to give him credit for making that decision and not an easy decision to send those navy s.e.a.l.s into abbottabad, pakistan. >> i want you to run two bites. one is what barack obama said after he caught and we killed bin laden, and what george bush says after we caught saddam hussein. they're so different. one of them is i, i, i did this and the other one is we, we, we and those brave men in the
1:36 pm
s.e.a.l.s. it's just a very different approa approach, and i think i sense some arrogance. >> do you want to respond to that? >> one, i have to say as wolf mentioned that going into pakistan and going after osama bin laden was a very difficult decision for the president to make that showed leadership that showed strength and pragmatism and he went and he thanked everyone who has been a part of it. he thanked the s.e.a.l.s and he applauded every person who was a part of that team and even people in the administration long before him, so i have to -- >> watch your statements sometimes. it tells you a lot about barack obama. >> we'll have a lot more on this part of the story, by the way, in our next hour. "time" magazine in their new cover story has a peter bergen article in what happened in the year since bin laden was killed. we'll preview that in our next hour, guys. thanks very much. >> thank you. she's just back from afghanistan, but one member of congress, michele bachmann has news to share with us on what's going on about a very specific controversy. my interview with michele
1:37 pm
bachmann is coming up in the next hour. also, surprising new details emerging at the trial of john edwards as the prosecution's star witness gets grilled. plus an exclusive interview with the man behind girls gone wild. he says he bought a senate internship to, quote, have the hottest chick in the country come to washington. what happened? we'll tell you what that congressman is doing now. that senator, i should say and why he's asking the fbi to investigate. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began. a little bird told me about a band... ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us.
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u.s. and afghanistan authorities are investigating a disturbing incident inning a of aing afghanistan right now. lisa sylvester is monitoring that and other top stories in "the situation room." a man wearing an afghan army uniform shot and killed a service member near kandahar, afghanistan. it is unclear whether the shooter is an afghan soldier or an infiltrator wearing the youchl. coalition forces killed the shooter. three explosions have rocked
1:41 pm
nigeria leaving six people dead and more than two dozen injured. one suspected attacker is also dead. the first two attacks targeted the offices of one of nigeria's newspapers. witnesses say attackers drove up to the building and asked to be let in and when they approached the car the bomb went off. the white house has released the latest list of presidential medal of freedom honorees and they include former secretary of state madeleine albright, astronaut john glenn, senior bob dillon and novelist toni morrison. >> shimon peres is among the recipients as well. thanks very much. israel's top general says iran's leaders, in his words are, quote, very rational. he says iran isn't all that close to building a nuclear bomb. why is he saying what appears to be the exact opposite of what israel's prime minister is
1:42 pm
saying? we're going in depth. inside bin laden's final moments and you'll hear the last five words he spoke. that's coming up in the next hour. also coming up, outrage is growing after an airline refused to refund the ticket to a dying man.
1:43 pm
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1:45 pm
israel's top general says iran does not appear to be on the verge of having a nuclear weapon and he says the country is led by, quote, very rational people. both of those statements seem to stand in stark contrast to what the israeli prime minister benjamin m benjamin netanyahu is saying. the prime minister went "out front" withier inburnett. netanyahu and the top general don't seem to be on the same page, but give us your sense of what's going on in israel. >> it's very interesting. there seem to be two camps, wolf and this is a very serious issue and one that can depend on whether there will be an israeli strike or a possible military conflict between iran, israel and perhaps the united states. i talked to benjamin netanyahu about the iran issue and he said several things that seemed to directly contradict his own
1:46 pm
foreign minister and defense minister. one of them is on whether iran is rational. you've heard recently some leaders in israel saying iran is rational, that means they wouldn't use a nuclear weapon. here's what benjamin netanyahu said to me about that issue. >> i don't think you can bet on the rationality. iran has given terror proxies to hamas and he's given them the most advanced lethal weapons. whatever weapons they have they give them and they fired now, 10,000, 12,000 on israel cities and they've been helping them to murder diplomats worldwide and to kill american soldiers in afghanistan. think of what they would did with the weapons and i don't think you want to bet the peace in the middle east and the security of the world on iran's rational behavior. i think it's a much safer bet to do what i, president obama and others have said, prevent iran from acquiring atomic bombs.
1:47 pm
>> obviously, wolf, a different point of view there and there were other ways in which he differed. he says in terms of when israel will strike iran it's a matter of days, not years and there have been senior israeli officials who say israel has more time than that and he also said that he will accept iran enrich uranium not at all and not even the 3.5% which is what is required for peaceful purposes and ehud barack has indicated that iran would be able to enrich with 3.5%. real lines breaking out on what they're willing to accept and that will be very person as these talks continue in may and the sanctions get much tough or iran this summer. >> conflicting messages coming from high officials in israel, civilian and military. erin, one other point in the interview, and i watched all of it on your show this week. some repercussions and some reaction in the arab world specifically after the prime minister spoke to you about a two-state solution and israel living along palestine and you
1:48 pm
pressed the issue of a contiguous state for the palestinians. i know you will be getting intoer mo of that tonight, but what did he say? >> it was interesting. wolf, this something as you know, u.s. presidents have troyed to get him to support, not just a two-state solution and a palestinian state that is contiguous without israeli lands breaking out. he said yes, i support it, i don't want a swiss cheese solution and very important any we'll talk about what that means and whether he will live up to what could be a very big promise. >> in other words, there would have to be some connecting line between gaza and the west bank, is that what he sndz. >> that's the big question, is it going to be contiguous in the west bank which he, of course, has not supported up to this point and another one, would that include gaza or not and that is the key question? >>. >> erin, we'll be watching at 7:00 p.m. eastern. thanks as usual. coming up at the top of the hour we'll have new details about how then presidential candidate john edwards tried to hide his affair. we're looking at shocking new
1:49 pm
evidence just in from his trial. an airline facing growing criticism for denying a refund to a dying veteran. >> the supervisor said no, there's nothing we can do. here's what we'll do for you, we'll give you a ticket in the future and that's when it really upset me because i said to him, don't you understand there is no future? delicious gourmet gravy. and she agrees. with fancy feast gravy lovers, your cat can enjoy the delicious, satisfying taste of gourmet gravy every day. fancy feast. the best ingredient is love. with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help.
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what does being true to yourself have to do with being healthy? everything. ♪ but you're not ♪ you're the one ♪ one, one, one, one, one ♪ the one ♪ one, one, one, one, one ♪ the one ♪ one, one, one... >> jack is back with "the cafferty file." >> the question is what role will the supreme court play in the next presidential election. >> a major role, if they strike down the health care bill it will be a serious body blow to the president and it will be the only thing he would have accomplished. if the supreme court overturns obama's health care reform and his lawsuit against arizona on illegal immigration then it will tell the world, not just the people in the united states that the president, a lawyer, is not
1:53 pm
the sharpest pencil in the box and that his side of congress which wrote the law isn't either. it would be a big slap in the face to the democrats. ralph in oklahoma writes, it could be they'll reprise their spoiler except it's not chads hanging in the balance. it's 32 million uninsured american lives, flesh and blood and not political ideology. he writes, big, colossal, a romney killer. if the arizona immigration law is upheld the hispanic community will turn out in force and if you don't get your combination plate is missing everything, but the beans. if the supreme court rules against the health care bill, it will be a blow to president obama's credibility. d.a. says jack, the supreme court will play a major role in the next presidential election because conservatives must elect a president that will nominate future justices who follow the constitution. the decisions pending will
1:54 pm
reveal the obama administration not only doesn't understand and follow the constitution, but tries to change it. and brando sums it up this way. the fix is in. 2000 all over again. if you want to read more about this subject go to the blog, or to our post on "the situation room's" facebook page. the summer will be interesting, wolf, when the two decisions come down. >> i love this kind of stuff. jack, thanks very much. >> the secret service personnel visiting strip clubs and paying for sexual favors. we have new details coming in at the top of the hour. also, an airline refusing to issue a refund to a dying man and he's upset more than the $197 he paid. >> it wasn't about the money. it was about the way they treated me, and probably hundreds of other people. no compassion. no consideration. hey, did you ever finish last month's invoices?
1:55 pm
1:56 pm
sadly, no. oh. but i did pick up your dry cleaning and had your shoes shined. well, i made you a reservation at the sushi place around the corner. well, in that case,
1:57 pm
i better get back to these invoices... which i'll do right after making your favorite pancakes. you know what? i'm going to tidy up your side of the office. i can't hear you because i'm also making you a smoothie. [ male announcer ] marriott hotels & resorts knows it's better for xerox to automate their global invoice process so they can focus on serving their customers. with xerox, you're ready for real business. i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. commercial airlines aren't usually known for their customer service, but outrage is growing over one airline's refusal to issue a ticket refund. our mary snow is following the story for us. what happened here? >> wolf, this is the story of a
1:58 pm
florida man who said he was recently told he's waging a battle with cancer and he's waging a very public fight with spirit airlines. >> reporter: it started outside tampa airport for two days and 76-year-old jerry said he's surprised by how it's grown. the vietnam vet is taking spirit airline for refusing to refund a ticket to new jersey to see his daughter. shortly after buying his ticket he says he learned the cancer he's battling is terminal. with his immune system low he said he doesn't want to fly because of exposure to germs on the plane. >> it wasn't about the money. it was about the way they treated me and probably hundreds of other people. no compassion. no consideration, not even an interview to review the paperwork that i had necessary for them, showing that my cancer was terminal and hospice is
1:59 pm
already set up to take care of me. >> reporter: he says he asked that his refund go to the organization wounded warriors, not him. we contacted spirit airlines which responded to a statement saying its fares are nonrefundable. adding we receive numerous requests for refunds from customers facing unexpected and extreme situations. the airline says it offers customers travel insurance and says it wouldn't be fair to make exceptions and bend policy for one customer and not all. while we sympathize with each of these, who are we to judge if one customer is more worthy than another for an exception? but spirit's response is being targeted online. this man writes on twitter, give the veteran his refund. what part of spirit don't you understand? this one says i will never fly spirit airlines after they deny a refund ticket of someone dying. as for mecans he says his two-day protest served its
2:00 pm
purchase. >> it's more important that spirit in the future show some compassion to people who have a similar situation, show a little compassion to people and take them on a one-on-one basis. >> wolf, jerry meekin is overwhelms as well as offers from strangers to drive him to new jersey to see his daughter or buy him train tickets. >> we wish him only the best, mary. thank you. you're in "the situation room." just released now just-released information in the trial of john edwards including voice messages he left for his mistress. messages he was trying to hide from the world. also, rupert murdoch now admits there was a cover-up on the phone being thattihacking scand. stand by to hear how the bombshell testimony went down. >> how he bought a summer internship with the united states senator or at least he
2:01 pm
thought he did. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer, and you're in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- this coming into "the situation room." it was released moments ago and it includes picture, phone records and new details on the messages that edwards left his mistress. let's go right to our senior correspondent, joe johns. he's covering the john edwards trial in north carolina. joe, what happened? >> reporter: wolf, well, the court for the first time today releasing transcripts of voice mail messages between andrew young and senator edwards. this is going all of the way back to september 2007, december 2007. in fact, there's one voice mail message from december 14, 2007, right after edwards had been photographed with his mistress rielle hunter. he calls andrew young, his
2:02 pm
longtime aide and says he's going to call back, but if his wife, elizabeth edwards is standing there he's going pretend that he doesn't know what's going on and he'll ask, how did this happen? what's happening? all of this to try to conceal the affair, of course and this as the cross-examination in greensboro continued today. >> good morning. >> reporter: thursday for the first time the court began releasing some of the prosecution exhibits entered into evidence. pictures of one of the houses in north carolina where john edwards' mistress rielle hunter stayed after she moved away from the new york area to escape hounding by the media, phone records, transcripts of phone calls and there was more painful cross-examination with prosecution witness andrew young on the stand. a former right hand man to edwards who helped to conceal the affair with rielle hunter and wrote a book to tell about it. edwards' defense lawyer tried to
2:03 pm
chip away at young's credibility and his recollection of dates, times, places and conversations he had with edwards. young often sparring with lowell saying he was not able to recall several specific dates and times or even the sequence of earning vebs and not able to remember whether he wrote a check to buy a car for edwards' mistress, rielle hunter or paid for it some other way. lowell asked if he used hunter as a way to get money for himself. young said no. most of the money in question was given by a wealthy edwards benefact benefactor, bunny mellon. mellon's check his been endorsed by young's wife and deposited in the young family account. mellon ended up giving $725,000, though the larger amount she had promise side in dispute. the edwards' defense team needs a clear timeline to try to support its claim that young was enriching himself while he was paying for living expenses, travel expenses for hunter and
2:04 pm
the baby girl fathered by edwards. the cross-examination was painful at times. at one point, judge catherine eagles warned the defense he might have to exclude certain evidence because it was confusing the issues or wasting time. a north carolina law professor observing the trial defended lowell's line of questioning. >> i think he's dealing with a hostile, difficult witness to get answers out of and so it's taken a long time, but it doesn't seem like he's been going around in circles and really wasting the court or the jury's time. >> reporter: the questioning this afternoon continued to drill down on the question of how much andrew young actually may have cashed in, may have actually benefitted from this cash that was coming in ostensibly to pay for the support and welfare of rielle hunter? more testimony from andrew young tomorrow. >> do we expect senator edwards to take the stand? >> reporter: we've actually heard there's a lot of doubt as to whether he'll take the stand.
2:05 pm
nothing official and nonetheless, we do expect to hear from rielle hunter. there are attorneys around this courthouse, quite frankly, who said a defense attorney would be crazy to put john edwards on the stand given all of the things he could be cross examined about. >> thanks, joe johns, reporting from forth carol arl. we are learning about allegations that representatives of the united states government consorted with prostitutes and held wild parties while in other countries. the scandal that began in colombia with the u.s. secret service appears to be exploding into something much, much bigger. the incidents being reported in el salvador and brazil. brian todd is putting all of these pieces together for us. brian, what are you finding out? >> the incident in brazil involve military and state department personnel and not secret service, but we are also getting information that secret service agents have been involved in incidents beyond cartagena. a congressional source tells cnn reports of misbehavior by secret service agents beunderstandio the colombia incident have been
2:06 pm
brought to congress. kiro tv, cites a government contractor who worked with the secret service advance team saying he was with about a dozen secret service agents and some u.s. military personnel a few days before president obama's visit to el salvador last year. the source says they were at a strip club where members of the american team drank heavily, that most of them paid extra for access to a v.i.p. section where they were provided sexual favors in return for cash. this is from one unnamed source and cnn cannot independently confirm the allegations. contacted by cnn, the secret service also cited this as coming from an unnamed source and issued a statement saying any information brought to our attention that can be assessed as credible will be followed up on in an appropriate manner. i asked veteran washington attorney if he was head of the secret service or any other security agency. are you nervous right now that this would blow up? >> if you're the head of the
2:07 pm
agency you're very nervous because this is the kind of publicity you do not want in your agency. >> reporter: "the washington post" says such behavior is a culture and not a one-time occurrence. barbara riggs denies that. >> throughout my career i've been on advance team, and i've supervised advance teams and i've worked, you know, on presidential detail on two different occasions and i have never witnessed anything of this magnitude. >> reporter: and the secret service is hardly alone. in december of last year in the brazilian capital, three u.s. marines and a state department employee were involved in an altercation overpayment with dancers and prostitutes from a club. one woman allegedly started a fight inside a marine's vehicle and was injured when she was kicked out of the vehicle and tried to get back in. >> those that were involved have been punished and held accountable. >> reporter: the marines were reduced in rarng. the u.s. embassy staffer removed from that post.
2:08 pm
>> reporter: i called and e-mailed lawrence berger, attorney for some secret service officers investigated in the colombia case to ask for a response in regard to the secret service, and i never heard back. former secret service officers says they are drilled not to place themselves in these situation, wolf. >> if it was tolerated in other occasions, secret service agents going on advance trips or whatever and meeting and dealing with prostitutes, could they use that as an excuse now, these 12 secret service officers and agents as an excuse, if you will? we just assumed it was okay because it's been tolerated so unin the past? >> i asked that of that defense attorney and said no, you basically can't use that in the defense and even in the foreign corrupt practices act it says that that you can't just say in court everybody is bribing a foreign official so we're doing it, too. the same thing applies here. you cannot use that as a defense that everybody's doing it, really in any context so it doesn't fly.
2:09 pm
>> the story will explode. thanks very much. already exploding. >> now to the phone hacking scandal that has tarnished rupert murdoch's media empire. the chief publicly admitted today that there was a cover-up within his organization. cnn international correspondent was covering the testimony in a media ethics investigation in britain. amid a frenzy of flash bombs the news tycoon who now is the news is whisked into london where he implied some of his executives tried to cover up the scale of phone hacking. >> there's no question in my mind that maybe even the editor, but certainly beyond that someone took charge of a cover-up which we looked into and i regret. >> reporter: it was this man
2:10 pm
colin miler who was editor of "the news of the world" when the tabloid was closed down. he failed to tell him about widespread hacking. >> the new editor was appointed with specific instructions to find out what was going on. he did, i believe, put in two or three new steps of regulation, if you like, but never reported back that there was hacking. >> reporter: he now works for a competitor and his lawyer says they have no comment, but murdoch also sought to spread the blame for the hacking cover-up to other people. >> if fr where does this coverup emanate, mr. murdoch? >> i think from within "the news of the world" and to one or two strong characters there who i
2:11 pm
think had been there many, many, many years and were friends of the journalists. the person i'm thinking of is a friend of the journalists, and is a clever lawyer. >> taken to be a reference to this man, legal affairs manager tom krone who hit back with an angry statement saying his assertion that i took charge of a cover-up in relation to a phone hacking is a shameful lie. as a former deputy editor of "the news of the world" he knows tom crone well. >> he's very upset and obviously feels that he's being -- or attempts are being made to make him culpable, a fall guy. i don't know, you know, how involved he was in the cover-up. all i believe is that the buck has to go higher than tom crone.
2:12 pm
>> reporter: rupert murdoch's troubles aren't yet over. a powerful committee of politicians will issue their report on the whole phone hacking affair on tuesday. wolf? >> dan rivers, thanks very much. meanwhile, a new fight brewing here in washington pitting the white house against the house speaker john boehner and college students are caught in the middle. plus, an israeli general, not just an israeli general suggesting iran does not necessarily want nuclear weapons. is he right? i'll speak with a key member of the house intelligence committee. and brand new details emerging right now on what osama bin laden did only moments before u.s. military personnel killed him. ♪ ♪ wow... ♪ [ female announcer ] sometimes, all you need is the smooth, creamy taste of werther's original caramel
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we also offer a hassle-free lifetime repair guarantee, where the repairs made on your car are guaranteed for life, or they're on us. these are just two of the valuable features you can expect from liberty mutual. plus, when you insure both your home and car with us, it could save you time and money. at liberty mutual, we help you move on with your life, so get the insurance responsible drivers like you deserve. call us at... or visit your local liberty mutual office, where an agent can help you find the policy that's right for you. liberty mutual insurance, responsibility -- what's your policy? jack cafferty is here with "the cafferty file." >> wolf, it's kind of sad. college graduation season is just around the corner and people will come out of school and already be under water. student loan debt tops a
2:16 pm
staggering $1 trillion in this country, more than all of the car loans and all of the credit card debt. it's estimated the average kid graduating from college owes more than $27,000, up 54% from a decade ago. as a result, a lot of students and recent graduates want their student loans partially or fully forgiven, but that could open the door to the taxpayers getting stuck with another huge bailout. in washington, student loans have been a hot topic of debate this week. president obama pushing hard for congress to prevent student loan rates from doubling to 6.8% as they're scheduled to do on july 1st. house speaker john boehner says the house will vote tomorrow to extend the current rates for another year. all of should make college graduates think long and hard about choosing what to study. with unemployment above 8% if graduates can't find a job they might have trouble paying off these loans. a new study suggests that students who major in health
2:17 pm
care, psychology, social work and business have a better shot at betting a job. on the flipside, "the daily beast" reports the most useless college majors are these, fine arts, drama, architecture, graphic design, philosophy, religion, english, journalism, archaeology, music history and political science. so here's the question -- what's the most useless college major? go to and post a comment on my blog or go to the situation room's facebook page. someone wrote in and said whatever one your waitress has. >> all right, jack. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> you might think the political fight over student loans might ease up a bit now that the house plans to vote to extend the current rates as jack mentioned, but guess again. there's still a red-hot spat going on between the house and house speaker john boehner. let's bring in chief white house correspondent jessica yellin.
2:18 pm
what's the biggest sticking point here, jessica? the fight now is about how to pay for this. both democrats and republicans have proposed plans to extend the current lower interest rate on student loans at 3.4%. they would both extend it for one year and the cost of both plans is roughly $6 billion, but the disagreement, again over the paying, republicans propose paying for that $6 billion cost by finding money in a fund for preventive care in the affordable care act, the health care plan. democrats, they would close corporate tax loophole, and not loopholes. that's what the graphic says and it's one loophole in particular that democrats would close and therein lies the rub and guess what? we are facing a battle between the two parties over how to pay for it and neither likes what the other one is proposing, wolf? >> the clock is ticking, jessica. they don't have a lot of time because those interest rates will double in a few months unless they pass this very, very quickly.
2:19 pm
the white house certainly coming out and going on the offensive on this issue. what are you hearing? >> they are going on the offensive and the clock is ticking, wolf, but let's not get into their timeframe too much because the clock is not ticking in the way washington works too much. it's where they have two months to work this out and in washington, that's a lifetime. so the white house is using fighting words. they argue that republicans' real goal here is to try to chip away at the health care plan and that what republicans are really trying to do is find ways to tara, part pieces of the health care act and this is just another way to do it. here's jay carney. >> we've seen this before. we've watched this movie during the payroll tax cut debate. it didn't end well for them and that's because the american people overwhelmingly support this action and they overwhelmingly support what we propose. we know what the republican position is on the affordable care act. they want to repeal it.
2:20 pm
>> reporter: in truth, they would -- the republican plan also says whatever money isn't used to fund student loans and the rest of this preventive care fund they would just get rid of it and send it to deficit reduction closing down the preventive care fund altogether. so the white house has a point. on the other hand, the white house proposal to pay for this student loan bill, the republicans aren't going to swallow that either. so buckle your seat belt, wolf. get ready for a big battle over how to pay for student loan extension. in the end, though, everyone expects it to get passed somehow. >> it will get passed because the new leader of the republican party mitt romney wants it passed just as the president does. they'll figure out how to do it, i'm sure. >> costco is offering a new item that you can't buy in bulk, but it could help with a big problem in this country. >> also, the infamous girls gone wild video is linked to a capitol hill internship scandal. we're talking with the video's creator. stand by. ♪
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2:24 pm
an epa official in trouble for implying he wanted to, quote, crucify the oil and gas industry. lisa sylvester has that and some of the other top stories in "the situation room." lisa, what do you have? >> hi there, wolf. the official is apologizing for what he's calling a poor choice of words when he said this back in 2010. >> it's kind of like how the romans used to conquer the villages in the mediterranean and they'd go into the turkish towns somewhere and they saw them and they'd crucify them. >> the epa issued a statement saying the following, it is deeply unfortunate that in the 2010 video an epa official inaccurately suggests that weir seeking to make examples out of certain companies in the oil and gas industry. it does not reflect our record. it was posted online by a republican senator critical of the epa. costco has taken the concept
2:25 pm
of buying bulk to a whole new level,now to toilet paper, food and appliances, you can also get a mortgage. they can launch a full-service lending program on its website. more than 10,000 mortgages have been issued so far. and he may not be a father yet, but prince william is already being called a natural at the whole baby thing. the second in line to the throne got the chance to hold a newborn during a charity event with his wife kate, the duchess of cambridge and he seemed very much at ease. you see him there. the royal couple will celebrate their first anniversary this sunday. so i know a lot of people, wolf, are waiting for the news and saying if they're expecting. he does seem like a little bit of a natural there, wolf. >> prince harry is coming to washington. he just got invited to a dinner in his honor. that will be very, very cool.
2:26 pm
thanks very much for that, lisa. >> the first lady michele obama is opening up and you'll find out what her secret fantasy is while living in the white house. hamid karzai kept one united states congressman out of the country. michele bachmann is here in "the situation room." i'll ask her why she decided to go to afghanistan while her colleague was denied entry. we give you the money for a car one model year newer. liberty mutual auto insurance.
2:27 pm
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but do you really? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. can your makeup remover do that? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover. despite growing concerns in israel and around the world that iran could be on the brink of producing a nuclear bomb, the top israeli general is now reportedly suggesting just the opposite and it's raising some serious eyebrows including right here in washington. >> and republican congressman mechelle bachmann of minnesota is here, the former republican presidential candidate, a member of the house intelligence committee and i want to get to some of the missions you've been
2:30 pm
on lately, but your quick reaction from what we are hearing from the israeli military's chief of staff lieutenant general benny gantz as saying this about e ran and its nuclear weapons ambitions. iran is going step by step to the place where it will be able to decide whether to manufacture a nuclear bomb. it hasn't yet decided whether to go the extra mile. i don't think, he's referring to the ayatollah, he will want to go the extra mile. i think the iranian leadership composed of very rational people. do you agree with that,aes isment based on everything you're hearing? >> i don't. i don't agree with that assessment at all. i had michael orren, in my office yesterday. >> i traveled to israel to meet with the prime minister netanyahu to talk about the situation with iran and ironically the night that i was flying into tel aviv there were 110 rockets that were sent in to
2:31 pm
gaza and the iron dome was deployed. that doesn't happen very often, and the good news is that when the dome was deployed there wasn't one israeli that lost their life, but what it showed is that this is a very real, persistent threat that israel faces and there's never a time when israel does not face a threat, but i think people on the ground in israel recognize that iran has only had one ambition and that is to develop a nuclear weapon and use it against israel. >> what admiral gantz is saying seems to be on a difrn page from benjamin netanyahu is that the iranians have not yet decided to go ahead and build a nuclear bomb, that they're very rational and they're considering all of this deliberately and there seems to be no rush, at least on his part, to take action. >> i don't see that this is rational what iran is doing, but i also think that we also recognize that iran is not going to publish a memo when they make the decision to go to nuclear weapon capability. they will not be posting it so no one will know when they actually do. that's israel's conundrum.
2:32 pm
that's their problem. they can't wait until iran is already nuclear weapon capable because there is no reaction time on israel's part. israel has to have the right to create survival for itself. that's really where they're at right now. we're in a very difficult place. i don't think israel wants to in any way have to attack iran, but it's very clear iran hasn't taken -- this is easy to solve, honestly. it's easy to solve. iran has to surrender the enriched uranium. they have to stop and cease all production of enriched uranium and they need to dismantle some of the nuclear weaponsis facilities and have open doors on inspecs. do that and the rest of the world will provide isotopes they want for cancer research. done. >> let's move on to another issue. afghanistan, you were on a congressional delegation that went to afghanistan. one of the members, dana rohrabacher, the congressman from california. he was here in ""the situation
2:33 pm
room" this week. he was prevented from going to afghanistan, a country that receives millions of dollars in u.s. assistance and hamid karzai, not to let a democratic elected member of the united states congress not to enter his country. >> it was preposterous especially when he receives $len billion out of something like $12 billion. >> he didn't meet with you when you were there, hamid karzai. >> he did not upon. >> was that a snub? >> i don't and that -- lou was the one in charge of the delegation. he was in charge of the delegation and we had a mission. we had a threefold mission, to visit our constituents and soldiers on the ground and to assess the situation on the ground in afghanistan and third to meet with the northern alliance. it was unfortunate what karzai did. >> by not allowing dana rohrabacher in.
2:34 pm
>> by not allowing him? >> what was your reaction when you heard secretary of state hillary clinton and leon panetta saying he shouldn't go at this time and that a plane that was waiting in dubai to fly you to kabul and wouldn't take off if he waun on the plane. >> we thought it was preposterous and outrageous and we felt the secretary and the secretary of state should stand by the members of congress as opposed to standing with karzai. >> why didn't you say, you know what? if dana rohrabacher isn't going i'm not going either. >> there are two reasons. first of all, we had our mission which was to visit the constituents, meet with general allen. general allen was in my office six weeks ago and invite mead to come to afghanistan, and i came at his request and number three was to meet with the northern alliance. we decided that we could continue that mission and succeed in the mission. dana did not want to be an impediment. there's one other piece, wolf, that you left out and the ambassador which i can't say
2:35 pm
enough good about and also general allen, they were in the process, particularly ambassador crocker. he was at 11:59:59 on negotiating the deal for handing off the baton for leadership in iran from isaf, the international security forces to the afghans to run this conflict on their own and defeat the taliban. this agreement was completed while we were there. we did not, in any way, want to turn an international incident into preventing this agreement from being signed. this was months in the making, and so we didn't want to be the ones that would prevent this from happening. over this weekend, wolf, i stood over the bed in icu unit of a soldier who lost his legs due to an explosion a couple of hours earlier. we are not willing to let one more soldier lose their legs or lose their life because we started an international
2:36 pm
incident. we think karzai was wrong. we think secretary of state panetta and hillary could have done a better job in how they handled it, but at the same time we did not want our actions to prevent this agreement from being signed and i want to give cowed owes to ryan crocker who went to hell and back to get this agreement signed and he did a wonderful job negotiating terms. >> we're out of time. >> quick political question. why haven't you endorsed mitt romney? >> i said we would be backing our party's nominee, and i will happily do that. >> what i'm doing is working behind the scenes bringing together all factions of our party. don't forget, when there was the dust up between hillary rodham clinton ask barack obama there were 18 million women who had backed hill row clint and wanted no part of backing barack obama. it took time to get them to come over. i'm working behind the scenes to get together the tea party and evangelicals to come together with the conservatives and back the nominee. >> he's the leader of the republicans right now, mitt romney, right?
2:37 pm
>> uh-huh. mitt romney is the presumptive nominee right now. >> you want him to beat president obama and why not say it and endorse him? >> that will all come. >> you just want me to do it on your show, that's the thing. it will happen, it's uft just not going happen right now on your show. >> i want you to do it if you want to do it. it's a free country and you're not ready to say i'm endorsing mitt romney, but you will at some point. >> as the line says in the wizard of oz, all in good time, my pretty. it will happen. >> michele bachmann, thanks for coming in. >> thank you. osama bin laden's wives children, they are now on the move. they're leaving pakistan. we're going to tell you where they're headed. >> also, the infamous "girls gone wild" video is now at the center of a scandal here in washington. we'll tell you. >> my name is jad, and i produce a show called radiolab. >> you are listening to radiolab. >> radiolab is a kind of crazy,
2:38 pm
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2:40 pm
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2:42 pm
this just coming into "the situation room." a week away from the first anniversary of osama bin laden's death, a federal judge has just ruled that pictures of bin laden's corpse should not be released. in the ruling he wrote, a picture may be worth a thousand words. this court will not order the release of anything more. the ruling comes as federal officials issue a bulletin to law enforcement authorities across the country about the possibility of a terror attack on the anniversary of bin laden's death. at the same time saying there's, quote, no credible information that it will happen. the new issue of "time" magazine, our sister news organization has some compelling new details about bin laden's
2:43 pm
final days and about the u.s. raid that killed him almost exactly a year ago. we are joined now by massimo l calabrese from "time" magazine. it is amazing the role and you detail a lot of it. >> he had really interesting insights and the story the president learned first in august 2010 kept it in very close circle -- >> a year earlier. >> quite a long time earlier and -- and shared the information with only a few officials at the white house, even in december when they confirmed that it was likely bin laden in abbottabad, the president still expanded the circle to a small number of two people outside the cia and the small group in the white house. >> you just got this actual copy of the order from leon panetta. he was then the cia director, right? >> that's right. as director of the cia he was
2:44 pm
given nominal command over the mission so that it could be covert. he received from tom donnelly on -- >> the national security adviser. >> the national security adviser the orders from the president to launch the raid and noted down for himself and for the record the specifics of the order he had receive so that there would be a written order. >> and this memo, the director of the central intelligence agency and i'll show to to our viewers it's written in leon panetta's handwriting which is pretty good, a little bit better than mind and fascinating historic document when he gave the head of the operations special forces, the formal authorization, go and kill him. >> it's fascinating what a top government level official will put down in writing to make sure that there is a record of the orders. >> let me show it to our viewers so they can see it and get a tight shot of that, there you see the director of the central intelligence agency of washington, d.c., a two-page memo for the record, if you will, and he signs it on page 2.
2:45 pm
peter bergen, our national security contributor has written a book that's about to come out and he has an excerpt in "time" magazine, he details the final hours of bin laden. >> it's fascinating because he has extraordinary detail of bin laden's life in the compound with his wives, multiple wives, children, the kind of food they ate, how they lived, what their bathroom looked like and it was fairly skwal iqualid and he has fascinating details about the raid itself and how it went down and what osama bin laden's last words were, what he was doing when the s.e.a.l.s came up the stairs and it was very compelling stuff. >> heel join me once the book formally comes out. you've got good stuff on the new issue of "time" magazine. >> thanks for having me. we are told bin laden's three widows and two daughters are leaving pakistan tonight for saudi arabia. 14 bin laden family members are
2:46 pm
being deported by pakistan. their detention for living in pakistan illegally ended last week. >> and internship scandal on capitol hill unfoaling right now. we are getting details and the infamous "girls gone wild" videos are at the center of it, a united states senator and now the fiber all bi are all involv. that day, he bought life insurance. now there's no way i could send our boy to college without it. if there was one thing i could say to hank, it'd be "thank you." you're welcome. hey, hank. [ male announcer ] life insurance you can use while you're still living. you are one lucky lady. mm-hmm. [ male announcer ] learn more from your state farm agent today. you are one lucky lady. mm-hmm. fiona here was just telling me that ford dealers sell a new tire like...every five seconds, how's that possible? well, we purchase 3 million a year. you just sold one right now didn't you? that's correct. major brands. 11 major brands. oop,there goes another one.
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2:49 pm
>> the infamous "girls gone wild" video is now at the center of an internship scandal brewing right here in washington, did chlt c., on capitol hill. our lisa sylvester spoke with the creator of the videos. >> reporter: it started with this, an online auction. the winning bidder scores a summer internship in washington, d.c., with senator mark pryor's office. the charity behind it is the wilshire boulevard temple, a jewish synagogue in los angeles. the winning bidder? this man. joe frances. the creator of the "girls gone wild." he is currently holding a contest for the hottest girl in america on hd net. frances explains how he bought the internship for $2500
2:50 pm
thinking it would be great to send the winner of his show to washington for four weeks. >> i thought it would be a good idea to send the hottest girl in america to washington, d.c. and think el wood and i thought it would be fun and >> reporter: but in washington, d.c., senator pryor said he had no knowledge whatsoever of any auction offer. he called it a hoax. "we believe someone outside senator pryor's office has broken the law by fraudulently impersonating a u.s. senator." but this is not the first time an item from pryor's office has been offered up for auction. in 2006 someone paid $25,050 to have lunch with the senator. and according to the temple website, senator pryor has visited the temple. he was a guest. he now admits in a letter that it was he who offered up the internship. "i thought it might be possible
2:51 pm
to auction off an unpaid month long summer internship for a high school student with your office. i said that if the person whose bid was selected for whatever reason not approved, the temple would give the money back. i didn't realize that the item would be posted before i had a chance to check with your office. nor did i realize it would be posted without the caveat that the person would have to be approved. unfortunately, there was a miscommunication. the money was returned to joe francis. but in that exclusive interview, he says he wants more. >> i think the senator should apologize to me and that's all i want. i'm just not going to be called a liar. and if this was a hoax. and i'm not going to have my reputation tarnished. and i'm not going to be embarrassed by this guy. >> we reached out again to the senator's office and they issued this statement. "as previously stated, i have never sold, auctioned, or donated internships. i'm glad the responsible party has come forward to clear up the matter. i had already referred the case to the fbi and it is now up to
2:52 pm
them to determine whether a crime has been committed. . >> now, joe francis says that he had no malicious intent when he bid on the item. but it turns out that chad bronstein's father is a senior partner at an l.a. law firm. and that law firm recently won a $2 million judgment against joe francis over an outstanding gambling debt. i asked francis about that and he said he had no idea the bronstein family was connected to the senator in any way, wolf. >> good reporting. good digging around and clarifying this story once and for all. >> we finally got to the bottom of who was responsible. >> you are good. very good, lisa. >> thank you, wolf. >> thank you very much. jack cafferty is here with the "cafferty file." lisa sylvester does an excellent job for us. >> good piece. question this hour, what is the most useless college major? the stupidest majors are things like women gender studies or textiles. you don't need to go to a university to learn about clothes nor do you need to go
2:53 pm
there to study women although that's pretty much all you do in college. carol writes none, i was a spanish major, i ended up managing director of one of the largest banks in the world, a dutch bank. no spanish ever used or needed. it doesn't matter. my son's in advertising as an economics journalism major. they didn't want marketing or advertising majors. liberal arts degrees are golden no matter what the major. they allow you to learn to think, write, and speak. gary writes rocket science, jack. rocket science without question, the market's dried up, no more moon shots. the shuttles are retired, nasa's a skeleton and the country's bankrupt. and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that. pat in michigan, probably anything in the field of sports or any degree from the university of michigan. pat went to michigan state. raymond in massachusetts, no college major is useless. jack, i was a philosophy major after reading that the lawyers i admired most were philosophy
2:54 pm
majors. it's not the degree that's useless, it's the graduate that can't use the skills that that major gave him or her. chris in new york writes the most useless college major is philosophy. jobs are disappearing in the united states, a diploma in which you question logic is a sure way to end up as a statistic. ivan writes, trust me on this, it's theater. and after reading this op ed, i'd say journalism is the most useless major. >> well, i don't have a college degree. if you want to read more about this, go to the blog,, you probably knew that or through our posts on the "situation room's" facebook page. >> thanks very much. i majored in history and international relations, very, very excellent majors, buffalo and johns hopkins university. >> well, you're obviously doing quite well. >> i love those majors. >> yeah. >> thank you, jack. a second chance like no other. jeannie moos coming up next. g m. for convertibles, press star one. g m.
2:55 pm
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because you never know what lies around the corner. to get a free quote, call... visit a local office, or go to today. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? getting the chance to turn his life around thanks to a surgery that's turned his legs around, literally. here's cnn's jeannie moos. >> reporter: we've seen dogs missing legs and a dog with an
2:58 pm
extra white leg. but a cat with his hind legs on backwards? he was 7 months old when he was found dragging himself down a sidewalk. he ended up at the pound where he would have been put to sleep if the women from the cats cradle shelter in fargo, north dakota hadn't taken him in. >> i could just constantly hear his bones cracking against the tile floor. it was horrible. >> he was born with a defect that caused his legs to be backwards as well as crisscrossed. and if you're wondering why they named the cat kor corky, it's because his twisted legs looking like a corkscrew. he had a human like way of sitting, sort of like the frog on the bench that went viral this week with captions added such as i was thinking about life and how one day we all croak. but corky isn't croaking. earlier this month, he got surgery to correct his legs and now he's learning to walk using
2:59 pm
them. >> there you go, buddy. >> reporter: the doctor customized the surgery he'd previously only done on dogs. in the before and after x-rays, you can see the doctor basically turned the leg bones then added steel plates. with his legs no longer crisscrossed beneath him. >> now he's able to go to the litter box like a normal kitty. >> reporter: that must be a relief. no pun intended. >> reporter: corky has his own facebook page. he's even gotten a get well video from another cat. and the shelter has raised over $14,000 in donations that should more than cover corky's surgeries. he's needed four. on thursday due to complications they had to amputate the bottom quarter of his left leg, but he should be able to walk on it. >> we're hoping to get his certified as a therapy pet. >> to visit kids in hospitals who have had